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LSAP Presentation on Hydrad by Stephen Bradshaw

May 6th, 2015 by toffo

HYDRAD Description


Presented on May 6, 2015

About the Laboratory

January 5th, 2015 by toffo

The Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Rice Space Institute are pleased to announce the formation of the Laboratory for Space and Astrophysical Plasmas. LSAP will focus on bringing together and applying our understanding of plasma physics in the relatively well-observed solar system with increasingly sophisticated astronomical observations in order to explore common plasma-physical mechanisms. An important goal of the Laboratory will be to foster stronger links between space physics and astronomy/astrophysics members of the Department by identifying and developing joint areas of research.   LSAP will seek to define viable projects and identify targets of opportunity for funding. RSI will serve as the home for LSAP by facilitating discussion and interaction and by developing and administering group proposals. It is anticipated that the combined expertise that constitutes LSAP will allow us to blaze a path into new and exciting areas in astrophysical plasma research. The founding members of LSAP comprise representatives from each of the Space/Astronomy groups: Stephen Bradshaw (Solar), Chris Johns-Krull (Astronomy), Edison Liang (Astrophysics) and Frank Toffoletto (Magnetosphere). Our initial efforts to identify research topics of common interest have already led to 3 proposals in the process of development (Keck, INSPIRE, and an REU). The Lab plans to have monthly meetings to discuss topics of mutual interest. Should you wish to be included, please contact Frank Toffoletto.