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LSAP Meeting Notes 3/30, 2015- Simulation Codes – Edison Liang

Edison Liang – Codes

My group uses 3 different types of simulation codes to model relativistic plasma phenomena in high-energy astrophysics and intense laser-target interactions:

1. Particle-in-Cell (PIC) codes for plasma kinetic processes
2.  MHD codes for global macroscopic fluid simulations
3.  Monte Carlo (MC) codes for high-energy radiation and nuclear particle physics (NPP) processes
These codes are often linked/coupled to each other to perform multi-physics, multi-scale simulations.  Most codes are imported or licensed.

PIC Codes :

1. EPOCH (U. of Warwick-Ruhl, open-source version of PSC used at LLNL and Germany): 3D explicit, ok but not great for high-g. (Rice & LANL clusters)

2. ZOHAR (LLNL, detailed in classic book by Birdsall & Langdon): 2D explicit, excellent for high-g. (only on LLNL cluster).

3. ipic3d (KUL-Lapenta, still under development): 3D fully implicit, so for only for low-g regimes. (to be imported to Rice).

4. LSP (SAIC, commerical code, high license fee): 3D explicit. Has collisions and MHD options. (under negotiation for license).

5. PICiinGPU (German GPU code): 3D explicit (Rice and Georgia Tech GPU clusters, not sufficient memory for production).

6. NNS code (Noguchi-Nishimura-Sugiyama): 2D explicit includes radiation and rad. damping (Rice & LLNL clusters).

MHD codes

FLASH (U. of Chicago): 3D Eulerian, multi-physics includes radiation transport, nuclear physics, EOS, SR, laser coupling. 3T, kinetic ions … (Rice and LANL clusters).

HARM (U. of Illinois): 2D Eulerian, axi-symmetric polar grid only. multi-physics includes radiation, GR, 1T (Rice clusters).

ATHENA (Princeton): 3D Eulerian, multi-physics includes radiation, 3T, gravity, SR, shear box…(Rice clusters).

Hyades (Commerical code, license fee): 1D Lagrangian, multi-fluid, EOS, laser coupling, radiation, 3T….(Rice cluster).

MC codes:

1. GEANT4 (CERN): 3D. has all high-energy NPP processes. fixed background. lacks lower energy physics. (Rice clusters).

2. Rice-OU Radiation Code: 2D slab, sphere or cylinder grids only. Includes most astrophysics radiation processes. FP solvers for coupled particle distributions (Rice clusters).

3. MK Compton code: 1D slab, sphere or cylinder grid only. Time-independent. Fixed thermal or nonthermal electron distributions. Fast and simple: ideal for training beginning and undergrad students in MC.


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